[Noodelist] Vegan Lemon Grass Chicken'ish Noodles I 270g
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[Noodelist] Vegan Lemon Grass Chicken'ish Noodles I 270g

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Delicious, guilt-free noodles!  Moroheiya instant noodle Lemongrass Vegan Chicken'ish soup base. 100% lip-smacking plant-based deliciousness.  

Vegan Lemongrass Chicken'ish: Natural yeast extract, fava bean protein, dry sesame powder (dextrin, sesame oil), sea salt, cane sugar, tamari soy sauce powder, onion, natural flavors, rice flour, garlic, mushroom extract (maltodextrin mushroom extract and salt), parsley flakes, white pepper, crystallized lime (citric acid), lime oil, lime juice), tri-calcium phosphate (less than 2% added as an anticaking agent), ginger. Green moroheiya noodle: wheat flour, tapioca starch, organic moroheiya, salt, sodium bicarbonate. Allergen: Soy, wheat.

Consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding allergies, ingredients, or medical conditions.

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