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Whether you have several dietary restrictions or you just want to discover what's new and exciting out there, we got you covered.

We Make Your Life Easier

Two-thirds of people in the U.S. follow a diet with ingredient restrictions. Many people avoid trying new foods for fear of misinterpreted ingredients.

We analyze the ingredients for you and recommend foods to match your dietary lifestyle. Our simplified process helps you save time and feel safer about discovering new foods.

Why We're Different

We curate a Tasterbox of items based off your dietary preferences. We also support smaller, innovative brands that provide you the best emerging products. You can contribute to the success of these brands by reviewing your favorite products.

Each one of the companies we work with are approved by nutritionists. Overall, helping you save time to discover diet-suitable foods and building a feedback loop to help them continuously innovate and improve their products.

We're all about guilt-free delights with healthier ingredients!

We believe the kiwi birds represents people who live with dietary restrictions or have specific preferences. It takes time and energy to find products that match your diet.

Like a kiwi bird searching for just the right food, Tastermonial is simplifying this process. We make it easier for people who have certain food limitations to find the right groceries.

Join Our Mission

We bring a pleasurable food discovery experience to you; whether you have dietary restrictions or health conditions. Leaving you with a peace of mind.

Our belief is that it’s possible to transform any edible ingredient to a delicious combination. By partnering with smaller brands, we bring you the best emerging products from all over the world.

Here's How it Works

Personalize Your Tasterbox

Take our assessment to discover products suitable for your dietary and lifestyle choices. We'll present options with snacks and on-the-go meals from innovative brands.

Maximize Your Impact

Learn more about the products you ordered by downloading our app. You can provide feedback about new foods you discovered from us and directly impact how these products develop and improve.

Expand Your Experience

Get the most out of our app. You can schedule consultations with certified health professionals, earn rewards, and re-order your favorite products.

Get The App

Re-order your favorite products, discover suitable alternatives personalized to your food preferences, provide feedback and more.


"My patients find it difficult to follow the dietary advice. Tastermonial presents them with healthier options, empowering them to make better choices."

Dr. Homeira Izadi, M.D.

"Our whole family is on a gluten-free diet. We are trying to find new snacks to satisfy us during the quarantine. The granola is so tasty! delicious and nutritious."

Hugo P.

"My quarantine goal has been to incorporate more vegan foods into my diet. This made everything so simple!"

Annie F.