[Pacha] with Yogurt & Mint Natural Collagen & Protein Chips I 10g

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Size: 10g PACK OF 7  |  Color: Yogurt & Mint

Magnificent harmony emerged with the freshness of yogurt combined with the freshness of mint and its unique aroma. Not only with collagen and protein, but also with the calcium it contains.


  • Pacha helps to renew your skin, hair and nails with anti-aging support.
  • Pacha also helps you to increase your muscle mass, reduce fatigue and support bones and joints.
  • You’ll feel stronger and fit with Pacha, a delightful snack made from 100% natural bovine collagen with high protein.
  • Regenerating and refreshing 100% Natural, bovine sourced collagen.
  • Delightful snack without any additives or preservatives in different flavors for different tastes