[12 Tides] Everything Puffed Seaweed Chips | 2oz | 1-Pack

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We combined the tastiness of an everything bagel with the umami goodness of kelp. These chips are baked (never fried) and have no added sugar.

These snacks are plant-based, gluten-free, and made with 100% organic ingredients. 


Organic kelp: Our snacks use organic North American kelp, which is a sustainable and natural source of vitamins and minerals (including iron, vitamin K, and iodine), antioxidants, and other nutrients.



Ingredients: North American kelp⁺, cassava⁺, tapioca⁺, everything mix (onion⁺, garlic⁺, poppy seed⁺, sesame seed⁺, black sesame seed⁺, caraway⁺), sunflower oil⁺, kale⁺, tamari (soybeans⁺, salt), sea salt


 Contains: soy